Comic Con 2014! At Table J-05

Hey Monsters vs Zombies fans! Eric here. Wow, the year has quickly come and gone.  Here we are, a year later after I started this.  I wanna thank you fans for following and checking out our comic through out the year. I hope you have been enjoying the art and story we’re putting together here.

If you happen to be going to the San Diego Comic Convention this week, come and stop by our table over at J-05. Join us for the 1st published release of the Monsters Vs Zombies comic!

We’ve made a small run, and will be selling the first completed issue at the convention. Don’t worry. The aim and goal will be to eventually make the physical comic available for you as well, our online fans. Until then. Here’s a sneak peak at what were showing at the convention.  Vin Teng’s sculpture of our vampire hero slicing and dicing some zombies!